The pretty cool prints

By Mubashir Ahmed
Tue, 04, 19

Let’s face it girls, fashion is an essential part of our lives and we try our best to follow up on trends that change season by season.......


Let’s face it girls, fashion is an essential part of our lives and we try our best to follow up on trends that change season by season. The fact is that clothes play the most vital role in appearing fashionable. With the spring season in full bloom and summer already around the bend, we know that it is time to take out our cool and breezy lawns. Surely we want to go for outfits that are pretty, light and comfortable. In short, lawn outfits with refreshing cool prints are just perfect for this season. With so many designers and brands launching their pret and unstitched lawn collections, there are a lot of options that we can choose from. Some offer contemporary prints and patterns while others have their signature touch to it.

The good news is that ‘Pearl Closet’ recently launched its spring/summer lawn collection in Karachi. The launch was followed by a two-day exhibition and featured the best of the brand’s most exquisite designs of the season. The glitz and glamour quotient of the event was pretty high as the launch was graced by the presence of popular celebrities, models and socialites from the K-town.

The exhibition was a hit among fashionistas around town, as everyone seemed thrilled to sort out their ultimate summer attires. The brand’s trendy lawn designs were showcased for all the lawn buffs as part of their two-day exhibition. The light-weight and cool outfits caught everyone’s attention as they weren’t just pretty looking, but the perfectly comfortable fabric also served as a USP for all fashion enthusiasts out there!

The launch of the collection was a fantastic way to welcome the searing summer season. Following the annual craze around lawn outfits and their ever-changing designs, it was time for the brand to introduce the airy fabric with its exclusive and stylish touch - fit for a glam queen.

Summers have always been about cool shades and light, breezy fabric and that’s exactly what you’ll get at Pearl Closet. Bearing in mind the ever changing trends, the brand took a fresh take on lawn and everything one needs to make their summer wardrobe up-to-date. Their beautifully printed and intricately embroidered lawn outfits are perfect to don even on the hottest days. Not only will they keep you cool and comfy throughout the season but will also help you take your fashion game up a notch.

— Mubashir Ahmed