Stay tuned for the first ever beauty expo !

By A. Jafri
Tue, 09, 18

As it turns out, it takes a lot of effort to keep us looking our best. Cosmetics....

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As it turns out, it takes a lot of effort to keep us looking our best. Cosmetics, skin care, shower products, perfumes, colognes, hair styling, hair colouring, hair removal, nail salons, spas...and a whole lot more. And as women are getting more aware of the variety of products out there, they need the best in order to look their best. However, as much as we would like to have that variety in our country, there isn’t a lot out there.

Keeping this in mind, a press conference was held for Pakistan’s first ever beauty expo, ‘Beyond Beautiful’. It aims to bring beauty and glamour under one roof for three consecutive days in Karachi. Led by Frieha Altaf, ‘Beyond Beautiful’ will focus on creating awareness, educating consumers and providing customised options with a mission to not just benefit one brand but the entire beauty and personal care industry.

Scheduled to be held in the first quarter of next year, the expo will feature custom hair and makeup shows, workshops, and master classes by local and international beauty brands. They will also help empower beauty and education by sharing techniques and use of materials along with changing lives by giving out self-grooming sessions and scholarships. Moreover, it is intended to create opportunities for international brands to enter the market, and for local brands to get going on a prestigious platform and to give Pakistan an interactive beauty platform along global lines.

“For us, Beyond Beautiful is not just an event; it is a movement to celebrate and enhance beauty. I’m very excited to introduce the first of its kind beauty expo and shows. I have always enjoyed my role as a pioneer in the fashion industry and I think this annual event will bring great brands and their capabilities to the forefront. They will also introduce the latest beauty trends in the global market to the consumer as well as connect all these businesses on one platform,” informed Frieha at the conference.

In attendance at the conference were Aamina Sheikh and Zeba Bakhtiar, who are also members of the Beyond Beautiful Advisory Board, along with Sarwat Gillani, Nadia Hussain, Zhalay Sarhadi amongst others. Good luck to the team!

- A. Jafri