By Iqra Sarfaraz & Adeela Akmal
Tue, 06, 18

Eid is just around the corner, so this week, You! talks to hair & makeup experts Fizzah Batool and Mona J for some tips to get the perfect festive look...

Eid is just around the corner, so this week, You! talks to hair & makeup experts Fizzah Batool and Mona J for some tips to get the perfect festive look...

Fizzah Batool

Dressing up for Eid is fun but when the temperatures start to soar, it can get a little tricky to look cute and feel comfy at the same time. While models on magazine covers flaunt their flawless hair and makeup for the summers, it only feels like a long lost dream for Pakistani gals to look and feel just like that - not sweating their seamless foundation or have frizzing hair. And, while there are still a couple of days left for meethi Eid, it’s never too early to begin plotting and planning your warm weather hair and makeup. If you cannot decide what sort of look you want to go for and how to let it stay, than we have got just the thing. This week, You! brings you expert tips and tricks of renowned stylists for the perfect Eid look! Read on...

Amna Babar pulls off the loose curls in caramel hair

Go nude!

This seems like a no-brainer and something a lot of girls prefer in the hot weather, too. Even the summer royal bride, Meghan Markle, opted for a no-makeup look for her big day. According to stylist Mona J of Mona J Salon, rather than putting on a cakey foundation, keep it natural this summer. Opt for a light BB cream or a tinted moisturizer rather than a foundation. 

However, if you are looking for some coverage, and are going to stay in an air-conditioned environment, you can use a moisturising foundation and set it with some loose powder. The trick is to keep your makeup to a minimum. “It’s best to keep it natural because the more makeup you put on, the more it’ll melt and spread. 

Mona J

Even setting sprays don’t work that much if you’re stepping out in the heat. A little bit goes a long way,” says Mona.

For an overall nude, dewy look, add a little powder blush - something along the lines of a shimmery coral or rose - which will add just enough warmth without veering into too-pink territory. As for the lips, go for nude pinks or browns of your choice.

Adorn the buns with some flowers. —Courtesy: Showcase 2018

Spice and berries

When the weather warms up, our beauty looks swing towards the more natural side because it’s easier. But, you could either breeze through the rest of summer with the same sheer balm and nude gloss you always wear. Or you could throw caution to the wind and try one of the super fun, super bright lipstick shades we spotted in the spring! While nudes look great on anyone and everyone, there is a certain thrill in putting on bright and peppy shades. According to Mona, all the berry shades - cherry, cranberry, and blueberry and so on - are the hottest colours to opt for your lips this season. The best way to pull off these lip stains is to pair them with the nude summer smoky eyes. Use a light shade of brown or spice brown to create a cut-crease look and pair it with a deep shade of berry lipstick. Spice browns and berry shades make a gorgeous combination!

Sadaf Kanwal rocking a bold look paired with sun-kissed hair.

Braid away

Even if you don’t do much, getting your hair right can pull your entire look together. According to hair expert, Fizzah Batool of Numra - Makeup Studio & Salon, Lahore, loose curls and braids will look amazing with eastern clothes on Eid. “Braids can never go out of trend, but yes one has to experiment different looks before, to know what suits you more. Try curling your hair and making a braid to give it a voluminous texture and look. There are gazillions of braiding styles online so you can always make one at home. A little effort can make you look catchy this Eid. Also, hair with highlights and Balayage gives definition when braided.”

Buns and roses

As the temps rise, Fizzah suggests tying up your hair to stay hassle-free and save yourself from the heat, “You can totally opt for some nape buns, man buns, or messy tied-up buns to play safe and easy. And to make it more formal, you can add in flowers (babies-breath) or a head piece. It’s all about how you carry your hairstyle. Brushed off curls look gorgeous and are tending for all sorts of occasions this summer. It’s a big NO to Goldilocks so refrain from neat tight curls.”

Nude eyes and berry lips make the perfect combination.—Courtesy: Showcase 2018

For your tresses

If you are looking for a change, get a good haircut, giving your hair a fresh and healthier look, but avoid short fringes or flicks in summers. “You can opt for colour trends like sun kissed browns and hues of caramel. Don’t apply henna to your hair to beat the heat as henna treated hair gets you in trouble when you go for colouring your hair. Try other home remedies that do not leave permanent colour in your hair,” says Fizzah.

Summer gets you a lot of moisture and oils so we should know how much amount is the right amount. Fizzah has a few pro-tips for all the girls to keep their scalp healthy in the heat:

Oily scalp: Use conditioners or hair masks that suit your hair texture applying only on the length and ends completely avoiding the roots.

Keeping it natural with the no-makeup look. —Courtesy: FPW 2018

Treat dandruff & itchy scalp: Applying yogurt can ease itchy scalp and fight the warm weather. It also helps in killing bacteria that causes dandruff by adding half lemon or so.

Use of oils: Applying oils that are less greasy like coconut oil (has water-base) and olive oil as compared to mustard oil also helps.Not too tight: Don’t tie your hair too tightly as it will make your follicle produce more sebum hence hair fall.

Not every day: Don’t wash your hair daily, it will not solve the oily scalp problem but will make it worse. Also, don’t use moisturising shampoos or conditioners; rather switch to hydrating and voluminous formulas. Use a dry shampoo to fight back the issue.