I’m a free bird!

By Adeela Akmal
Tue, 02, 18

There’s a common misconception regarding singlehood in our society that if you’re single, you’re unhappy and incomplete.....


There’s a common misconception regarding singlehood in our society that if you’re single, you’re unhappy and incomplete. You may feel a little pressure to find someone as soon as you start nearing your mid-twenties. If you are a singleton, don’t feel down about your relationship status. As beautiful as it might be to be in love with that special someone, there are quite a lot of perks to be single too. So, before you fall head over heels in love, rejoice your singlehood and be happy! This week, You! talks about the brighter side of being single and how to beat those blues when they hit you. Read on...

Reap the benefits of two

Capitalism feeds on these special days and there’s no harm if you do so as well. Food outlets often put up their special deals out, so grab your foodie friend along and munch away. Think of all the food you can devour with friends and consume the leftovers the next day. Chocolate lovers are in for a treat as well since there might be discounts coming up on chocolates at different stores and possible new special edition chocolates.

Be grateful

Cherish anything and everything that life throws at you, since every experience is different. As mentioned earlier, being in a relationship isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. It’s better to be single than be in a toxic relationship. Right now, there’s nothing stopping you from doing what you want and how you want. Be grateful for what you have and enjoy it while it lasts.

Treat yourself

Embrace the spirit of self-love and indulge! Pamper yourself to the fullest. Grab a best friend and start working out. Or, look up for some discount deals at a nice salon or spa with your bestie, and enjoy yourselves! And let’s not forget about all the things you can buy for yourself! Once you have someone in your life, it’s possible that you may not get enough ‘me-time’. And if there are kids at some point, you may not even get any decent sleep. Make the most of it.

Enjoy your solitude

If your single blues get heightened while scrolling through social media, where all your classmates from school are getting married or having babies. Then, it’s a perfect time for you to get an internet cleanse. Go out and take a stroll through a park. Grab a steaming cup of your preferred hot beverage, befriend books and let your mind be treated to some exciting literature. Let yourself discover your creative side by writing, painting or anything that seems interesting to you.

Create your own tradition

There might come a time when most of your friends are committed or married, you’d feel a little left out. So, if you’re not into the idea of spending time by yourself, plan a hangout! Catch up with old friends or get to know the newer ones. Better yet, have a ‘Single’s Only’ party with all your friends and party like a rockstar. Or, maybe even plan a really chill family dinner, where you can cook up a feast (or order, depending on your choice) and spend some quality time with your loved ones. Turn this into a yearly tradition and have a baller time!

Have a movie marathon

This is an activity that requires minimum effort. If there’s anything that all the single peeps can enjoy by themselves, it’s watching a movie - a quick and easy fix for boredom. Either, head out to a nice cinema and enjoy with some popcorn and drinks, or have a movie marathon or binge-watch your favourite shows at home. Call your friends over, order some food and have a blast!

Take it in your stride

Don’t feel so low when you see couples around you. Be happy for them and stay positive!