Better than fancy

By Adeela Akmal
Tue, 02, 18

They say there are five languages to express your love and one of them is through presents.....


They say there are five languages to express your love and one of them is through presents. So, why not choose something that might show that you really care for your loved ones. If you think flowers and chocolates are the only items, you better think again. One can also give some really cool stuff to their partner, friends, and siblings and so on,

other than the usual. Which is why, we have cherry-picked some best gift items that are better than fanciful or clichéd. This week, You! shares a few gift ideas that are sweet and lighter on your pocket. Read on...

A plush pillow

You can make any item special by personalising it, even a pillow. We know what you’re thinking but hear us out. You can easily have the covers stitched from the local market or get the ready-made ones from a home store, depending on what design you want. It’ll be a source of comfort when they take a break from a hectic chore. Isn’t that a thoughtful gesture?

An electric kettle or coffeemaker

A good investment and it is easily available online or at any big supermarket in a variety of brands to choose from. Surely, everyone enjoys a nice cup of tea while working or lounging around. Whether at work or at home, they would never have to worry about getting their much-needed steaming cup of hot beverage. And if the recipient of the gift can’t begin his/her day without coffee, go for a coffeemaker, if your budget allows.

A plant

Flowers will wilt but a plant won’t, if taken care of properly. A small office plant or succulent will always be better than a bouquet of flowers. Whether it’s a loved one or just an acquaintance, it is the safest present you can give to anyone. And to add to it, it’s eco-friendly, obviously, and a flowering plant will also give off fresh air and scent.

A power bank with other phone accessories

Phone usage these days skyrocketed ever since the social media apps have launched. The phones are run out of charge pretty quickly. Also, if you happen to be in a long-distance relationship, what are the chances that your dearest will find a comfortable spot to charge their phone while speaking to you? Get them a power bank and never lose touch. Pair it with a phone grip ring or a PopSocket so they can hold their phone with ease too.

Good quality socks

As you get older, you can never get enough of these and you don’t take them for granted. The best thing about socks is that will fit perfectly, unlike with other clothing items or shoes. It’s up to you whether you want to go for something basic or something fun and colourful. Pure cotton socks are comfy and something that they would be using pretty much on a daily basis.

Smart watches or Fitbits

Staying healthy is important. If your buddy is looking to stay fit and healthy, what better way to help by getting them a Fitbit watch. It helps you keep a track of how many steps you have taken in a day and urges you to move around more. This is best for people who have desk jobs. While the original Fitbit watches are on the pricier side, you can get good alternatives at webstores like

Backrests and/or a cosy office chair

Speaking of desk jobs, 9-to-5 workers tend to get back problems earlier on. An office chair can make a big difference when you have a sitting job. A really crappy and worn out chair can get you a frequent back ache; and not all offices have comfortable chairs. If you can, get them an ergonomics chair. It’s a desk chair that’s not bad for your posture. Or, you could get them a backrest which might help too. Trust us, they will really appreciate the gesture when they are older.

A spa treatment

While spas maybe expensive, there are quite a few discount offers that come up occasionally. However, if you’ve missed out on them, then why not opt for a home spa treatment instead for someone really close. Yes, a nice dinner sounds great too but nothing beats a relaxing massage. Look up some YouTube videos on relaxing massages, manicures, pedicures and the likes. It shows that you’re putting in effort and the gesture will be much-appreciated.

A customised bag

What’s better than a single present? A bunch of presents! When you can’t seem to single out one thing, you can always put together some of their favourite items in a customised bag. While there are ready-made assorted gifts, you know your partner/friend/family member better than a shop. Get his/her favourite brand of chocolates, movies and snacks. Spend some quality time together and make memories.