By S. K
Fri, 01, 22

They also use apostrophe when writing an Ode to a Grecian Urn or an Ode to the Women in Long Island...


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The literary device, apostrophe, describes any instance when the speaker talks to a person or object that is absent from the poem. Poets employ apostrophe when they speak to the dead or to a long lost lover, but they also use apostrophe when writing an Ode to a Grecian Urn or an Ode to the Women in Long Island.

Apostrophe is often employed in admiration or longing, as we often talk about things far away in wistfulness or praise. Still, try using apostrophe to express other emotions: express joy, grief, fear, anger, despair, jealousy, or ecstasy, as this poetic device can prove very powerful for poetry writers.

Water in my Eyes

By Zahra Zafar

Maybe I will never know

The real reason for my thousand tears

That flow down my cheeks

Like the burning hot streams

But they do quench thirst

Of my afflicted and despairing heart

They make my soul feel

Light as a cool breeze

So even if I look weak

Drowning and surviving

I will not hide them

Behind my eyes

Or imprisoned them

In blinding smiles

Because it makes me

Feel stronger than ever

When they are free


By Adnan Ahmad Jadoon

She was all mystic

And misty

Like the poetic verse

Having so rare words to expound

All is not lost

By Zarmeen Khalid

The paths I tread, ooze your scent

Oh, the charmer of hearts!

Catch my whiff, hold my hand, follow me afar

Lo and behold! The rugged terrain be reborn

Let the smoke and euphoria sunder

Hear what the alleys chant;

Everthine, evermine, everours

The decree of perpetuity

The dimensions I breach,

break the jinx to clasp our souls

Aeons pass by,

yet, it never gets old

Ripple, my charmer,

for, all is not lost!


By Amna Ameer

Without a word

I let the pain stay inside me

Without a whisper

I let it burn silently

Without a sigh

I embodied relief

Without an outcry

I began to heal

Without a forewarning

I accepted my being

Without a sound

I heard hymns of December

Without a reason

I began to breathe

And slowly yet surely

I came back from defeat

But I was no longer losing

Gratitude had fulfilled me

Compiled by SK