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Fri, 11, 21

I hope Us will continue publishing useful content in the magazine....



Dear Editor,

Mental health is a very important topic and I am really happy that Us magazine talks about it. The article “A talk on mental health” by Tooba Ghani was a good read! The doctor gave practical advice to the readers and explained things in a simple way.

My favourite piece of advice was to find a purposeful activity in your life. I must agree we forget all our stresses if we have to wake up to something that brings us joy or something that makes other people’s lives easier.

I hope Us will continue publishing useful content in the magazine.

Samiya Shah, Karachi

Hey Editor,

I love reading Us magazine. I love how simple and reader-friendly it is. But Ed, I don’t like the cartoonish pictures you publish in sections like Comic Relief. The magazine looks kiddish. Please do something about.

Amna Nasir, Lahore

Hi Eddy,

I always thought the problems discussed in Trust Us were ridiculous and who faces such silly problems in life. But when I saw my friend experiencing a similar problem, I realised anything can happen in this world.

Ed, I have sent my friend’s problem to Guru on the email address mentioned on the page but haven’t received any response so far. Is there any other way I could send Guru my question so that we get a quick response?

Naveen Shah, Lahore

Hey Naveen,

We understand it must be hard for you to see your friend in trouble. You can only send your problems to

Also do explain why you need an urgent response to your question. This is going to help. Best of Luck!

Hello Editor,

Poets’ Corner is my favourite page; it really inspires me to write my own poems. I was also waiting for the poetry competition.

I have also penned down few poems but I am not sure if they would make it to Poets’ Corner page. Can you guide me how I should improve them so they get published in Poets’ Corner?

Sawera Khan

Hey Sawera,

Thanks for your appreciation! We would love to see your poems in Poets’ Corner.

All you have to do is: make sure the theme of your poem is interesting and relevant to youth; plus, the choice of language shouldn’t be kiddish.

Salam Ed,

I want to make a request. Please publish something on self-defense techniques. These days it is very important for young people to protect themselves. And we need to teach our kids how to fight attackers or robbers in case of trouble.

Bano Fareed, Bahawalpur



Narrated Aisha (R.A):

Whenever Allah’s Messenger (S.A.W) ordered the Muslims to do something, he used to order them deeds which were easy for them to do, (according to their strength and endurance). They said, “O Allah’s Messenger (S.A.W)! We are not like you. Allah has forgiven your past and future sins.” So, Allah’s Apostle became angry and it was apparent on his face. He said, “I am the most Allah fearing, and know Allah better than all of you do”

Sahih Bukhari, Book 2, Hadith 13 (Vol. 1, Book 2, Hadith 20)


Lubna Khalid


Shermeen Zuberi

Tooba Ghani

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