By S. K
Fri, 10, 21

As envying her selfe, that too exceeding shone … Excerpted from The Faerie Queene by Edmund Spenser...


Poems forever

High above all a cloth of State was spred,

And a rich throne, as bright as sunny day,

On which there sate most brave embellished

With royall robes and gorgeous array,

A mayden Queene, that shone as Titans ray,

In glistring gold, and peerelesse pretious stone:

Yet her bright blazing beautie did assay

To dim the brightnesse of her glorious throne,

As envying her selfe, that too exceeding shone …

Excerpted from The Faerie Queene by Edmund Spenser

Teeming grey

By Mehreen Shams

Tragic tears of inky clouds,

Trickling down the creativity.

Earsplitting silence of rainstorm,

Amends the scenery.

Hear, the muzzle bash at your line of thought.

Sense, the patting of downpour.

Let the rain drown your affliction.

And, sing drowsily until you fall asleep.


By Bushra Majid

I stood in front of the mirror and spot a greying hair,

All of this then rolled behind my eyes.

I do not appear startle, anything can happen,

Rather, my mind analyzes the perspective.

Deaths, violence, heartbreaks, failures, illnesses,

When happened, none can undo the occurrence.

Don’t go blaming yourself as to why to me

It doesn’t have to do anything with you being nice.

The calamity can make or break you apart,

All is in your hands, what you choose to be!

A rationale behind everything, a message that needs decoding,

For only with patience and wisdom can matters be dealt.

Be cautious and wary of losing your sanity,

Amidst the commotion, an inevitable sight!

Every turn can change you, for good or for bad,

May you see the brighter side, whenever you feel sad!

To the unbridled lover

By Shamla Areeba Shah

Behind the oceans,

Beyond the skies...

Below the meadows,

Above the highs…

I’ll meet you there to tell the lies!

Compiled by SK