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Fri, 07, 21

Waking up to such news everyday is so depressing that I don’t know what to do anymore....


Dear Ed,

The origami pictorial last week was simply mind-blowing. I loved the idea of recording the day’s feeling as presented by Cristian Marianciuc. I know some people take to (creative) writing, but this way of expressing himself is next level achievement in my opinion, makes me happy just by looking at it.

Also, I feel Gonzalo García Calvo could be an inspiration for a lot of us, showing that you can keep a day job and follow your passion/hobby if you really want to. There is always enough time for everything you set your heart to!

Bina, Islamabad

Hello Ed,

Wasn’t the back page reserved for artwork of young artists? Please don’t change it. Or even if you are replacing picturesque locations, please don’t add too much information regarding it; else it’s just another Bits ‘N’ Pieces or Pictorial for us. The magazine should be informative, yes, but also a source of entertainment.

Isa, Karachi

Hi Team Us,

I always look forward to your lists of recommendations (books and movies). Missed Sameen Amer’s commentary though. Anyway, thanks to you guys, I’ve got some stuff to read and watch and pass these otherwise dreadful days of Covid restrictions.

Farah, Karachi


Dear Editor,

Eid mubarak to the Us team!

Although I love the festivities that accompany Eid-ul-Azha, I didn’t feel like celebrating it this year between rising Covid-19 cases and gender-based violence instances. It’s just sad how a few privileged individuals are set to ruin everything for others. I was hoping people would become better humans, given this pandemic is already too difficult to handle, but waking up to such news everyday is so depressing that I don’t know what to do anymore.

Farhan, Karachi


Narrated Abdullah (RA)

“I heard a man reciting a verse (of the Holy Qur’an) but I had heard the Prophet (S.A.W) reciting it differently. So, I caught hold of the man by the hand and took him to Allah’s Apostle who said, ‘Both of you are right.’”

Shu’ba, the sub-narrator said, “I think he said to them, ‘Don’t differ, for the nations before you differed and perished (because of their differences).’”

Sahih Bukhari, Hadith No 2410


Lubna Khalid


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