A memorable adventure

By Sadam Roonjha
Fri, 10, 19

The best thing was the team. Everyone was cooperative and helpful; we encouraged each other to do our best....


For me, X-venture ‘19 was a life-changing experience. I am from Lasbela District, Balochistan so travelling all to way to Saiful Muluk, Babusar Top, Lulusar Lake and Shogran Hill station was exciting. I was reluctant to pay Rs 35, 000 for the trip, but then thinking about the learning that would take place really convinced me. And, I had always wanted to visit northern areas with young changemakers. I was extremely happy when School of Leadership announced this trip. I was excited to meet new people and learn from mentors like Waqar Ali.

The best thing was the team. Everyone was cooperative and helpful; we encouraged each other to do our best. A four-hour trek to Saiful Muluk was exhausting, but we were pushing each other to not give up.

We cooked our food, ate together and learned about how people survived in different weather conditions.

By Sadam Roonjha

Sheher-e-Funn: a two-days children’s festival

Children of all ages enjoyed taking part in various educational and fun activities designed by Pursukoon Karachi at Governor House, Karachi.

These included numerous theatre performances by well-known artistes at Tamasha Ghar pavilion; interactive activities based on scientific principles, latest inventions and environment at Science ke Khel; book swapping, paper making, story reading sessions, singing, and recitation of poems at Aao Suno Kahani; and art and craft activities, building of large murals and exciting installations with communal organization at Funn-Kaar Gali.

Speaking on the occasion, one of the founders and organisers of the festival, Noor Jehan Bilgrami said “Through various creative interactions exploring Karachi’s cultural diversity, monuments, traditional crafts and arts, we hope to create an awareness of the environment, and encourage a sense of ownership of our beautiful city.”

Pursukoon Karachi is a not-for-profit registered Society established in 2013; it emanated from the anger and helplessness that the creative practitioners felt at the endless and brutal killings, bombings, destruction and general chaos in the city. From a core group of seven people, ‘Pursukoon Karachi’ expanded into a large, motivated group of more than 300 participants, all driven by the same desire to see a peaceful, thriving and prosperous Karachi.