By S. K
Fri, 09, 19

Deeply involved and invested in you. Sacrificing my sleep and time for you....


What freeman knoweth freedom? Never he

Whose father’s father through long lives have reigned

O’er kingdoms which mere heritage attained.

Though from his youth to age he roam as free

As winds, he dreams not freedom’s ecstasy.

But he whose birth was in a nation chained

For centuries; where every breath was drained

From breasts of slaves which knew not there could be

Such thing as freedom,—he beholds the light

Burst, dazzling; though the glory blind his sight

He knows the joy. Fools laugh because he reels

And wields confusedly his infant will;

The wise man watching with a heart that feels

Says: “Cure for freedom’s harms is freedom still.”

- Helen Hunt Jackson

A whisper to the heart

By Adnan Ahmad Khan

Did you ever notice?

The radiant change

In the colour of the leaves,

The branches of the pale faces

And the trunks of the sunless skies,

When a bird whispers

In the ears of its realm.


It wears the bright changes

When the distant echoes of our story

Whispers in my heart.

I will Continue

By Majda Ulfat

Same time ticking on the clock

No matter how they mock

I am still in shock

My optimism IS hitting the bottom rock

I am gathering all my hopes to knock

At the door of miracle

To you, it may sound lyrical

But for me even breathing is an obstacle

Because I miss you

Out of longing and love I have for you

With the little flickering spark

I have, I will continue to walk

Through the dark

I will continue to smile

Through every trial...


By Amna Nadeem

Deeply involved and invested in you.

Sacrificing my sleep and time for you.

Waiting for you to text or call.

Positioning you above all.

Trying to understand.

Where I actually stand.


And heartbreaking.



Compiled by SK

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