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Fri, 10, 18

I am a big fan of your column and have been reading it for many years now. I am 27 years old....

My wife is not happy with me

Dear Guru,

I am a big fan of your column and have been reading it for many years now. I am 27 years old and I have just finished my MBA from one of the reputed universities of Karachi. My issue is that despite being educated, I am still looking for a decent job. However, till the time I get an office job I am working as a cab driver (I am a Careem Captain). I earn sufficient amount to run my house but for that I have to work long hours. I usually come home around 3 am as I often get more fare at night time. I work hard to pay the bills and meet our expenses but my wife is not happy with me.

My wife is always angry with me for coming home at 3 am. Now, she has threatened me that if I come late at night she will not open the door for me. She has restricted my hours to 12 midnight. Guru, I am so tensed. If I don’t work late, I won’t be able to run the house smoothly. I don’t know how to make my wife happy and also continue to earn a good income. Please help.

Overworked Captain

Dear Overworked Captain,

In today’s inflation, it’s really hard to find a decent job. There are hundreds of people who are unemployed despite having degrees in their hands. I am glad that you opted for driving a taxi rather than sitting idle. It is very important to keep yourself occupied. And every work and job is respectable as long as you work hard. So, don’t feel bad if you are not getting a good job. You are fulfilling your responsibilities and you should feel proud about it. There is nothing wrong in being a taxi driver; at least you are earning by honest means.

As far as your wife is concerned, I think you must talk to her in a very polite but firm tone. Maybe she has no idea how difficult it is for you to earn money. Explain her your situation. If she really wants you to come home early, then tell her to share the burden with you. Make her understand that you simply cannot afford to come home early. She has to compromise or else start working so that the two of you can run the house smoothly.

In the meantime, keep on trying to get a good job where there are fixed timings. But, till then, explain to your wife that she has to support you. There is no other alternative. Good luck!

My spoken English is terrible

Hello Guru,

I am a 16-year-old boy. I read your column with great interest every Friday. I belong to a Pathan tribe. I am a student of first year in Edwards College, Peshawar. I am a good student but my main problem is my spoken English.

Guru, I have been brought up in a typical environment where no one communicates in English so I lack language skills. It was fine till school but now that I am in college I have realised how important it is for me to learn and speak the language. I feel very embarrassed when I cannot speak English properly in front of my classmates and teachers. I can write well and also understand whatever is being said in English but when it comes to speaking, I am clean bowled. I am very upset. Can you please suggest some tips for improving my spoken English? What should I do, Guru?

Pushto Boy

Dear Pushto Boy,

Don’t feel upset, young boy. English is not our native language, so don’t blame yourself for not being able to speak the language fluently. But it is always a good idea to improve your language skills.

First of all be confident. Your grammar is fine, all you need to do is to speak, so don’t feel shy talking to people in English. Speak English while you are at school. Don’t be embarrassed about making mistakes. The more you practice the better and more confident you will become.

Make better use of your smart phone. Use it to record yourself speaking then listen to see how your English sounds to other people. Another way of improving your English is to listen to news bulletins and songs in English. Try copying what you hear to practise your pronunciation. Online dictionaries often have audio examples so you can check your pronunciation. Be persistent and keep practicing. Hopefully, you will be able to speak English confidently. Good luck!