April 21, 2017
By US Desk

I am a 28-year-old girl and belong to a respectable family. I am about to complete my M.Phil. I am a working girl, and have a good job.

I want to get married

Hi Guru,

I am a 28-year-old girl and belong to a respectable family. I am about to complete my M.Phil. I am a working girl, and have a good job. I am moderate in my views. I am educated and modern but I know my limits. I have my own car and even own a house so financially I am stable, too. My father died when I was only three years old, so our mother raised us with much love and affection. My father was well off so money was never an issue. All my other siblings got married at young age and are now living a happy life; I am the only one left. Guru, my problem is that I want to settle down but there aren’t good proposals for me. My mother has even asked so many rishta wali aunties, but so far they have failed to come up with suitable proposals. A few months back, my aunt came up with her son’s proposal, but my mother rejected him on the ground that he is not as highly qualified as I am (he is a graduate).  Plus, their lifestyle does not match ours. My mother does not want me to suffer after marriage as my aunt is not that well off. Guru, I like my cousin but I cannot say anything to my mom. He still hopes that my mom would say yes. As I am religious minded, I have never had any boyfriend in my 28 years of life. But now I am kind of getting frustrated. I want to get married soon. When will I get my prince? Please suggest me a way out.


Dear Q. R,

I can understand your predicament. To get married and settle down is almost every girl’s dreams whether they are working or not, educated or not, modern or conservative - at the end of the day every type of girl wishes to have her own home where she can live in peace with her partner. So, you have all the right to think about your marriage. Since there aren’t any good proposals, it is silly of you to waste your time waiting for some Prince Charm to come to your rescue. Look around, and open your eyes, you will see your cousin waiting for you. So what if he is only a graduate? What matters is that there is someone who is noble and gentle and is willing to marry you. You also like him then why don’t you ‘reconsider’ his proposal. Here you have to raise your voice for your own right. Tell your mom that you want to marry him and you don’t really care if he is not rich. Money doesn’t guarantee happiness. Don’t lose this opportunity. You have to put your foot down and persuade your mother. Hopefully things will turn in your favour. Good luck!      

She is my first love

Dear Guru,

I am a 16-year-old boy. I study in grade nine. I read your column regularly and I really like your unique style of solving teenagers’ problems. Guru, my problem is that I have been in love with a very beautiful girl since the past three years, who is a year senior to me, but she is clueless of my love. I used to send her messages anonymously. Initially she did not reply to me but then we started a conversation. She wanted to know who I am. I promised that I would reveal my identity on our farewell day. But I couldn’t not muster courage to go to her. In rage, she just blocked me and deactivated her account. She has now left school. Now, I am turning into a Romeo. I can’t stop thinking about her. Please help me to get over her. I cannot forget her. She is my first love. I am so upset.

Secret Admirer

Dear Secret Admirer,

At your age, crushes are common. Don’t take too much stress. You were attracted to her as she was beautiful and pretty girls are well aware of the fact that boys are after them. That girl was also enjoying anonymous messages from a secret admirer, but then she must have got bored by the constant messages and wanted to meet the person in real. Since you did not have the guts to reveal your feelings, you have lost her friendship forever. But there is nothing to feel gloomy about. Just don’t force yourself to forget her. Leave it to time and you will eventually get over her. Good luck!


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