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Pepsi Black hosts rap event in Lahore

Instep Today
By NewsBytes
Thu, 12, 19

PepsiCo, it seems, has really turned its attention to music; they hosted a concert in Karachi featuring the legendary Mekaal Hasan Band, as well as Kashmir, Auj, Taamasha and E Sharp – almost all Pepsi Battle of the Bands from over the years since its reboot. PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew presented Solis Festival in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi with more shows possibly in the pipeline.

Now the time for Pepsi Black has come it seems. To that end, an invite-only event was held in Lahore this past weekend with 7 contestants and 4 headliners (Adil Omar, Abid Brohi, Young Stunners and Rap Engineers).

All the sets were short, close to 9-10 minutes and were back to back. According to reports, the crowd responded to two sets the most, that of Rap Engineers and Adil Omar.

Adil Omar picked up a lot of feedback from the crowd thanks to his always surprising ways, which means being both unconventional and animated, something he pulled off with great power at Mad Decent Block Party in Islamabad that hosted Major Lazer ft. Diplo, Valentino Khan and Chrome Sparks.

Whether this leads to more Pepsi Black rap concerts of similar nature or massive rap gigs around the country featuring homegrown artists or something else entirely remains to be seen. We certainly hope it’s the former.