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Solis Music Festival heading for Karachi

Instep Today
By NewsBytes
Thu, 10, 19

Electronic music lovers should rejoice. Solis Music Festival, after taking place in Islamabad and Lahore, is now heading to the city of lights, Karachi.

Scheduled to take place on November 16 at an undisclosed location (not revealed now due to security reasons), the concert, sponsored by Mountain Dew and Chocolicious, will feature a bevy of international DJs/electronic artists.

Among those playing at the festival are names like Karachi-boy (currently studying in the USA) Turhan James (who earned some serious applause for his Salt Arts performance earlier this year) and international names like ‘KILLTHEBUZZ’, ‘Clean Bandit’ and ‘FDVM’, with the latter opening their Southasia tour with a Salt Arts gig in Karachi earlier this year and following it up by a performance at another edition of Solis and ending the Pakistan tour with a short but electric set at Lahooti Melo 4 in Jamshoro.

Some of the featured artists such as the British act Clean Bandit will be a fun act to watch; they play electronic music and were formed in 2008, consisting of Grace Chatto, and (brothers) Jack and Luke Patterson.

FDVM, as we know already, named after the initials of Florent Denecker & Victorien Mulliez, is a French act whose music is electronic but within it, they play a blend of sounds.

KILLTHEBUZZ will be the bigger surprise in context of the set that is played.

To ensure safety of women – given what was reported about the Lahore event – the audience will have the chance to go to female-only enclosures or mixed enclosures that will be the space for both boys and girls to enjoy the show with the hope that people will behave. There is a chance that more artists will be added to the roster but, according to the PR, it hasn’t been confirmed. It looks like as the year heads towards ending, a lot of live shows are coming up. Watch this space for more on the gig.