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Transitional Weather Fashion

Instep Today
By Instep Desk
Mon, 10, 19

Transitional weather is here and we know this because it feels like it’s winter in the morning, spring in the early afternoon and summer a few hours later and if it rains, then it’s another story altogether. People end up falling sick around this time of the year because of the shift in temperatures inside the house and outside and not being equipped to deal with it wardrobe-wise. When people say they think it’s ‘the first day of winter’ they usually mean the feeling after a rain when you think the chill is going to last but then it doesn’t and then you’re back to questioning your wardrobe. One needs to plan their outfits intelligently if they don’t plan to run home for the slightest shift in weather.

Rule #1: Layering

Layering is the most vital tip for this weather that will ensure you have a great transition weather wardrobe. Layering lightly is a skill - wearing a kameez with a lightweight long-sleeved cardigan over it, or a sleeveless silk blouse with a light blazer over it. A scarf can also be a great technique, especially gauzy and silk scarves that add flair to an outfit and a little warmth in the morning. They keep your chest warm – where you’re most likely to catch a chill the fastest.

Ayesha Omar recently wore a Hussain Rehar outfit which had an additional layer in the form of a jacket and whether or not the temperature fluctuation is what she had in mind when wearing it, it made for the perfect transitional weather look.

Rule # 2: The right fabrics

Another thing to keep in mind during this time of the year is to wear breathable fabric that is cut into long-sleeved tops and can be worn solo or layered with a scarf. Breathable fabric doesn’t hold in heat so you’re less likely to sweat in the afternoon sun. A good litmus test for fabric is holding your garment up to the light to see if light can pass through it. If no light can be seen through the garment, then it’s probably not breathable, and you should pass on it for this time of year. The goal is not only to transition from chilly morning to warm afternoon, but also to maximize the longevity of your clothes from early winter to late summer. A polyester blend top may fall nicely when you wear it at 9 a.m. but give it a few hours in to the afternoon and you’ll find yourself sweating profusely and that won’t be pleasant.

Rule # 3: Don’t go too seasonal

The last transition weather tip is most obvious but one we choose to overlook because we’re so excited about wearing a set of clothes we haven’t been able to for the past season. One should avoid wearing anything too summery or too wintery this time of year. Skip the sandals even on days that feel hot and definitely skip the thicker jackets and instead, opt for items that speak to this time of the year. When the temperature drops further, try a lined trench coat, a thin short suede jacket in lighter neutral shades, a pair of peep-toe booties or some slip-on mules as alternatives to the sandals and thick jackets.

It’s about finding practical, better and more season-appropriate wardrobe solutions for this time of year. Implement these transition weather tips and you will no longer dread getting dressed in the morning! You’ll have some creative and stylish solutions that will ensure you look and feel your best when the weather is truly unpredictable.