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The weekly mixtape, 09

Instep Today
By Maheen Sabeeh
Wed, 10, 19

Instep speaks to Raania Azam Khan Durrani of Salt Arts, Hadiqa Kiani, Umer ‘Duck’ Khan from Poor Rich Boy and Jaffer Zaidi from Kaavish about what’s on their playlist

Just as seasons change, our moods change and so does our playlist. With the monsoon season hovering and erratic traffic, at least in Karachi, some listen to music while driving. Others are driven by emotions and stick to one song or two songs and listen to them repeatedly whenever they can. What can I say? Music has healing properties and gets us through some toughest times as well as help creating some beautiful moments. With that in mind, we asked industry insiders what they have been playing and this is what they had to say:

Hadiqa Kiani


Recently out of Pakistan for a family vacation, Hadiqa Kiani is all set to re-appear on Coke Studio 12. But as for her mixtape, there are certain artists who always have space on it. “I consider them learning institutions,” said the Wajd singer before giving us her list. It consists of classical, ghazal, Sufi and folk artist(s). Among them Hadiqa Kiani listed Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Farida Khanum, Begum Akhtar, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Surindar Kaur. “They’re all close to my heart,” Hadiqa added.

Umer ‘Duck’ Khan

Singer-songwriter of Poor Rich Boy; Duck

Umer Khan, singer-songwriter of Poor Rich Boy (PRB) as well as an indie artist who plays music under the alias of Duck, Umer admits that he listens to music when driving and doesn’t get the time anymore. His playlist is a mix that everyone should hear, at least once. The songs include ‘Green is the Colour’ by Pink Floyd, ‘River man’ by Nick Drake, ‘Phantom Other’ by Department of Eagles, ‘Taro’ by Alt J, ‘Uss Rah Par’ by Junaid Jamshed, ‘You Never Give Me Your Money’ by The Beatles, ‘It’s alright, Ma (I’m only bleeding)’ by Bob Dylan, ‘Walking on the Moon’ by The Police and ‘Busy earnin’’ by Jungle.

Raania A.K. Durrani

Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Salt Arts

Salt Arts co-founder along with Junaid Iqbal and Artistic Director, Raania seems to have the moody playlist; a mixture of the new and the old. She tells Instep it’s always a bit of both. At present, Raania A.K. Durrani’s playlist consists of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (album), Supernatural by Santana (album), Shamoon Ismail’s singles such as ‘Magic’, ‘Karachi’ and so on. It also features ‘Slow’ by Gentle Robot and ‘Tasveer’ by Mooroo.

Raania further noted, “I’ve also been enjoying listening to and watching live concert recordings of Cesaria Evora.”

She added: “Listening to it because: it is resonating with me right now, the songwriting, the breath in the music, familiar space and pace.”

Jaffer Zaidi

Kaavish, Coke Studio keyboardist; music director

Jaffer Zaidi, who along with Maaz Maudood, has one album called Gunkali has five names that are currently on his playlist. They include ‘For You My Love (O Bandeya)’ by A.R Rahman, ‘Kadi Aa Ve Mahi Gal Lag Ve’ by Tufail Niazi Sahab, ‘Sober’ by Taps Mugadza, ‘Homesick’ by Dua Lipa Ft. Chris Martin and ‘Nobody Compares To You’ by Gryffin Ft. Katie Pearlman.