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Asma Nabeel and Beo Zafar launch their book, Beydari

Instep Today
By Buraq Shabbir
Tue, 09, 19

Featuring a collection of verses in English by Beo, with a translation in Urdu by Asma, the book launched in Karachi last weekend

Asma Nabeel and Beo Zafar while signing their book at the launch.

Karachi: Actor, writer and comedian Beo Zafar won many hearts with her quirky ways in Asim Abbasi’s directorial debut Cake that had its world TV premiere last weekend. Based in London, the artist wrote a book called The Dreamer Awakes, in 2008, which she wished to translate in her own language (Urdu) but wasn’t able to until recently. Playwright Asma Nabeel of Khuda Mera Bhi Hai, Khaani and Surkh Chandni fame joined forces with Beo and translated the latter’s verses in Urdu, giving birth to Beydari – co-authored by the two.

Beydari, which comprises verses in English and Urdu, launched at the Karachi Arts Council this weekend with celebrities and media personnel in attendance. Those who turned up at the event include Anwar Maqsood, Imran Ashraf, Fahad Mustafa, Hajra Yamin, Sanam Saeed, Amna Ilyas, Shamim Hilaly and others.

Anwar Maqsood addressing attendees and reviewing some segements of Beydari.

Anwar Maqsood reviewed some parts of the book in his signature, humourous way, making room for some laughs in the room. He also pointed out areas that could have been worked upon, but it was on a lighter note.

Reflecting on how Beydari came into being, Beo Zafar shared while speaking to attendees, “This was a dream for Asma and I; she wanted to do it for her mother.”

“I was a time-waster all my life; I was dreaming, joking, fantasizing but didn’t do much despite my mother’s constant advices,” Beo recalled. “I didn’t listen to her and, one day, she left. It was too late when I realized what she used to say. Then I frantically started with creative activities that she insisted on and one thing that rose out of it was The Dreamer Awakes. But I used to feel bad that I couldn’t express myself in my own language, the way I could in English. I used to dream that somehow these words, my thoughts, will be expressed in my language. And then all of a sudden, like a miracle, this angel (pointing at Asma Nabeel) came into my life quite by accident.”

Beo also informed that the process started when Asma read some of the verses from The Dreamer Awakes and asked to translate them. She was moved by the translation and when Asma volunteered for it, she felt that her dream had come true.

Asma, on the other hand, expressed how close these verses are to her and how much she wished to pen them for her mother, who was present on the occasion. She dedicated Beydari to her mother and shared how difficult it was to hide the book from her while Asma was translating it.

“It started last year when I met Beo Raana Zafar and today our dream became a reality – a dream that I felt and saw for my mother, a dream that Beo and Saira saw for their mothers,” Asma stated in a recent post, adding that Beydari is her first Urdu poetry book and she is thankful to Beo for giving her so much love and trust.

Saira is the creative mind behind the artwork featured in Beydari; she shared that she was moved by the words in the book and is happy to be associated with it though she insisted on calling her work doodles and not artwork.

Beo and Asma read out some of the verses along with translation for the audience; Sanam Saeed, Yasra Rizvi and others also read out their favourite pieces.

The evening concluded with a musical presentation of one of the poems, sung by Schumaila Rahmat Hussain, while Noor Hassan and Shafqat Khan facilitated her with instrumentals.

Beydari is now available at Liberty Books, online as well as in stores.