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Faiza Hasan opens up about society’s regressive stand on body image

Instep Today
Thu, 10, 18

Faiza Hasan, who recently appeared in Nabeel Qureshi’s social satire, Load Wedding, won over the audience with her remarkable performance as Baby Baji (an overweight girl, who is unable to get married because of the dowry demands by prospective suitors).

In a recent interview with BBC, Faiza Hasan opened up about the beauty standards set by society and said, “If you look at our iconic films actresses, here, in Bollywood and even Hollywood, they were all full-figured.”

She went on to say that it has always bothered her that curvy women are not accepted in our industry and added, “Only because I am overweight ‘according to you’, I can’t get a normal working woman’s role? As actors, we need to look past age, size and colour.”

Moreover, talking about the trend of casting girls with a perfect figure in lead roles, be it in films or dramas, she shared, “I’m very happy that I got to play this character.”

During the course of the interview Faiza also revealed that she had become sick and tired of getting similar roles because of her weight issue. Apart from that, she stressed on the fact that an actor should be judged on his/her acting and screen presence, not physical appearance. “Our responsibility is to perform well as actors. However, it is sadly not the case today.”