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Motorcycle Girl trailer impresses

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By NewsBytes
Sat, 03, 18

Adnan Sarwar’s much anticipated movie, Motorcycle Girl takes inspiration from the life of Zenith Irfan, the first female motorcyclist to travel across Pakistan solo. Starring Sohai Ali Abro as the protagonist, the film is scheduled to release on April 20, this year, while the trailer recently came out amidst immense praise.

Shot in the beautiful locales of Kashmir, Motorcycle Girl looks very promising as per the trailer. The 2 minutes and seven seconds long trailer opens with Sohai Ali Abro being corrected by her husband to be (or so we suppose), essayed by Ali Kazmi, over the articulation of an alphabet in Urdu. However, she isn’t meant to confine herself to what others want her to be and is determined to fulfill her deceased father’s dream of travelling around the world on a motor bike. She takes on the challenge without letting family and societal barriers affect her strength and determination. What her journey is like and how she tackles hindrances that come her way is what the film tackles.

By the looks of it, the film looks impressive with great acting, dialogues and cinematography. Topping it off, it also touches upon multiple issues that women in our society have to face and surrender to.

Besides Sohai and Ali Kazmi, the film also features powerhouse performers Sarmad Sultan Khoosat and Samina Peerzada while it has been co-produced by Jami Mehmood of Moor fame.