Tuesday November 29, 2022

King Charles III ‘watching’ Queen Margrethe’s moves with ‘great interest’

Queen Margrethe has stripped four out of eight grandchildren of their royal titles

By Web Desk
October 01, 2022

King Charles III will be showing great interest in the recent upheavals in Danish monarchy Queen Margrethe stripped grandchildren of their royal titles, reported Daily Mail.

According to details, the 82-year-old Queen had removed princely titles from four of her eight grandchildren insisting the move is for “their own good.”

Royal correspondent for national tabloid BT, Jacob Heinel Jensen told the outlet: “The situation we have in Denmark today is what the UK had two years ago.

“Yesterday we had a Prince Joachim going rogue on TV saying how upset he was, how his children are suffering. The parallels between him and Harry are there for all to see.”

Jensen further added: “Margrethe was very close to the Queen. She was one of the few people who called her “Lilibet” – and Her Majesty called her "Daisy", her nickname in Denmark.

“I don’t know how close she is to Charles – but her importance as arguably Europe’s most senior royal was reflected in just how close she was to the Queen’s coffin in London.

“Charles has spoken about the need to slim down his family for many years - he will be watching what is happening in Denmark with great interest,” the correspondent added.