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Kate Middleton, Prince William’s new royal titles in jeopardy

Prince William and wife Kate Middleton's new Prince and Princess of Wales titles seem to be in jeopardy

By Web Desk
September 28, 2022

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Prince William and Kate Middleton became the new Prince and Princess of Wales after the Queen’s death, but as per Express UK, their new royal titles are already in jeopardy as a petition to strip their titles is gaining momentum.

According to reports, the petition to scrap Prince William and Kate’s titles has already reached more than 35,000 signatures just as the two are on their first official trip to the country as the Prince and Princess.

William inherited the title from his father, King Charles III, after the death of the Queen earlier this month, sparking controversy in the country, with the petition page highlighting that the ‘last Prince of Wales’ died in the Middle Ages, meaning they don’t recognise the Windsors as their Prince.

The petition claims that William being the Prince of Wales is an ‘insult to Wales’ and a symbol of ‘historical oppression’ and even undermines Wales’ status as a nation.

It is pertinent to mention that Charles served as the longest-serving Prince of Wales in the title’s history; he was officially invested with the title in 1969 at the age of 20, and held on to it till his mother’s death, upon which he became the new monarch.

It is also important to mention that reports have suggested that Prince William will not make a big show of his investiture ceremony, and that he and his wife Kate will ‘instead approach their new role in the way that they have approached their other work; in their own way.’