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Undertaker explains preserving process for Queen Elizabeth’s laying in state preservation

A professional undertaker sheds light on the preservation of Queen Elizabeth’s body

By Web Desk
September 19, 2022

An undertaker has taken to social media to share the entire process of preserving Queen Elizabeth’s body.

The insight has been shared by a TikTok user and professional undertaker who has explained the process of preservation for Queen Elizabeth after her death.

The undertaker explained, “Because of the wealth and the stature and influence that the Royal Family has, they would secure the best embalmers, the best facilities, the best of everything.”

“No expense would be spared when it comes to the care and preparation of the Queen's body.”

“I have every reason to believe that it was only a very short time after her death that the embalming would have occurred.”

He also went on to explain that, because of the embalming process, the Queen should “be able to lie in state for the ten-day [mourning] period and without any ill-effects.”

“They would have done everything possible to ensure that the Queen's body is well-preserved and restored to an almost near-perfect condition. Everything possible in the embalmer's tool kit, so to speak...”

“I also believe that they probably have some cooling devices or something underneath. Perhaps in the bottom of the casket or underneath the stand where she will be laid in state to help with cooling et cetera.”

Before concluding he also added, “Again, no expense would be spared. The embalming process would be done by probably the best embalmer in England, in Europe, and it would be done in every possible way so that there is perfection or as close to perfection as one can achieve. The embalming process would be very slow. It would probably have gone on for hours.”