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Wife of Shahbaz Gill’s assistant arrested in raid to recover PTI leader's mobile phone

Imran Khan condemns raid on Izhar’s residence and terms his wife’s arrest as “fascist illegal abductions”

By Web Desk
August 11, 2022
PTI leader Shahbaz Gill with his driver Izhar.
PTI leader Shahbaz Gill with his driver Izhar. 

ISLAMABAD: Police on Thursday raided the residence of Shahbaz Gill’s driver to recover the PTI leader’s mobile phone to probe the sedition case filed against him.

Islamabad Police said that by the time they raided Gill’s assistant Izhar's home he had fled but they took his wife and a relative into custody on charges of rioting, assaulting a police party and theft.

“The raid was conducted to recover Shahbaz Gill’s mobile phone as he told police that he gave his device to the driver during arrest on Tuesday,” the police said, adding that Izhar’s wife and brother-in-law attacked the personnel of law enforcement agency and teared their uniform.

A case has been filed against the duo at the Aabpara Police Station for creating hurdles in official work.

The development came a day after a court granted two-day physical remand of Gill to the Islamabad Police. The PTI leader was arrested over his anti-state remarks and a case was filed on the state’s behalf.

He would be presented before the court on Friday. The police had sought a 14-day remand, pleading that they have to recover his mobile phone and investigate him further.

‘Fascist illegal abductions’

Meanwhile, PTI Chairman Imran Khan strongly condemned the raid on Izhar’s residence and termed his wife’s arrest as “fascist illegal abductions”.

“I want to ask our legal community are there no fundamental rights anymore?”

The PTI chairman said that the "imported government of the cabal of crooks" brought through foreign backed regime change is using fear and terror in media and people to gain acceptance after being routed in Punjab elections.

“But all they are succeeding in doing is further destabilising the country. The only solution is fair and free elections.”