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Prince Harry will use Meghan Markle 'words' to talk 'genetic pain' in memoir

Prince Harry new book will be filled with emotional experience, says expert

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August 07, 2022
Prince Harry will use Meghan Markle words to talk genetic pain in memoir
Prince Harry will use Meghan Markle 'words' to talk 'genetic pain' in memoir

Prince Harry's upcoming memoir is a result of powerful words from two American women, including Meghan Markle.

The Duke of Sussex, who has hired ghostwriter J.R. Moehringer to write his book, has allegedly taken a backseat in writing the passages.

Rober Lacey told Daily Beast this week: “The power of Harry’s book will lie in the emotional experience — but not as lived through his eyes.

“It will derive its impact through the applied eye of Moehringer.

“When Harry talks about the “genetic pain and suffering that gets passed on” he sounds to me more like Moehringer than Windsor.”

Lacey linked the influence of Moehringer with that of Meghan: “…two tough Americans imprinting their own radical thought patterns onto a malleable young Brit who uses their words to fight his family battles.”

Meanwhile, it is also conjectured the Duke may “re-adjust” the content of his memoir in a bid to mend his rift with the UK royals.

Speaking to True Royalty TV's Royal Beat, royal expert Richard Kay said: "The book was completed, we believe, in about January being Harry's part of it, the interviews.

"That was really when Harry was at peak rage if you like, with Britain, the Royal Family, siblings.”

He added: "Since then there has been a measure of rapprochement.

"We saw it at the Jubilee. There was a bit on an attempt by Harry to sort of wind it down a bit.

"He may want to re-adjust what he's written. All these things must be going through his mind."