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Queen’s reign in ‘uncharted territory’ amid ‘startling Palace admission’

Queen Elizabeth’s 70-year-long reign is said to be in ‘uncharted territory’ for the first time

By Web Desk
July 04, 2022

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Queen Elizabeth’s 70-year-long reign is said to be in ‘uncharted territory’ for the first time, with the royal Palace making a ‘startling admission’ about the ailing monarch’s future, a royal expert claimed as per Express UK.

The comments came from royal expert Daniela Elser after the Palace announced that the 96-year-old monarch’s role was being ‘rewritten and scaled back’.

Writing for, Elser said: “The 96-year-old is no longer up to the same job she has done for the last seven decades. This is the first time since her health crisis began in October last year that the palace has explicitly admitted that Her Majesty can no longer do her full job.”

“Moreover, what the palace has just done is admit that things are never likely going back to the way they once were for Her Majesty,” she added.

Elser went on to state: “The Queen's mobility issues clearly prevent her from physically undertaking her duties as sovereign as she once could… But really what matters here is the symbolism, which is, after all, the bread and butter of monarchy.”

“What the palace has just done is officially signal that the era of the Queen as a visible fixture in British life. The Queen as a comforting constant, is largely over,” Elser claimed.

She further added: “Sure, we can expect a regular trickle of photos and short videos put out via the Queen’s official channels of her gamely Zooming with a governor-general here and there… But is a reign conducted almost exclusively behind closed doors really a reign at all? All of this is completely uncharted territory.”

The comments come as the Queen missed most of her own Platinum Jubilee celebrations owing to her health concerns; she has also missed several other high-profile royal engagements, including the State Opening of the Parliament and the Royal Ascot races.