Thursday August 18, 2022

Adele shows concern for audience during latest performance

Adele shows concern for audience during latest performance

By Web Desk
July 03, 2022

After a long break from the world of stage performances, Adele is back and concerned for her audience.

The singer, 34, frequently took a break from her performance to see how the audience was doing. She stopped her band's performance for the British Summer Time Hyde Park music series when she saw that a fan needed assistance.

An impressed fan who was touched by the song writer’s gesture, wrote on Twitter, “Just wanna say mad respect to Adele for stopping the show and making a scene when she thought someone was in trouble and needed help from security”.

“That was a crowd of 65,000+ and she still did it. It really is that easy,” the fan added.

Adele is seen in the video urging her band to stop playing as she makes her way to the front of the stage to alert security.

Page Six reported that Adele interrupted her performance four times to check on spectators who seemed to want medical assistance.

The front row fans, who waited seven hours in the heat to get in, also received some water from her, according to TMZ.