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Princess Diana’s relationship with staff angered royal household: Here's why

'Royal Servant' gave an insight into Princess Diana’s relationship with staff

By Web Desk
July 02, 2022

Amidst the bullying allegations on Meghan Markle, royal fans continue to talk about Princess Diana's sweet relationship with palace staff.

The documentary Royal Servant gave an insight into what it’s like to be an employee of Britain’s royal family.

Viewers were surprised to see that staff of the late Princess of Wales had different experiences than those who worked for other royals.

Recalling Diana’s cordial relationship with the staff which was usually seen as taboo, a former chef Darren McGrady said, “The princess would just come down into the kitchen, just walk down the stairs and say ‘Hi Darren!’ And that was just wonderful.

“You just looked shocked, whatever you were doing, and stopped what you were doing and looked up and Princess Diana was there,” he continued.

The former palace employee also said that Diana wouldn’t mind having her lunch in the kitchen with the staff that was something “the rest of the royals would never do.”

Moreover, a royal protection officer Ken Wharfe revealed that Diana even offered to wash his shirts during their stay in her mother’s house in Scotland.

“At first, he had brushed it off telling her it would be ridiculous for her to do his laundry, but that she insisted she liked doing it,” he told Dialy Mail before adding, “The next morning, he came in and she was ironing his shirts.”

He said talking to the princess was “like speaking to a friend I’d known for a long time … Everyone had said, ‘You’ll take a long time to understand the royals, they can be quite distant and difficult’ and yet Diana was the complete opposite.”

However, Diana’s behaviour used to angered more traditional members of the royal household as it was considered as not keeping up with the protocol.

“Part of the old brigade just didn’t think it was right that the royals came down to the kitchen,” McGrady said.

He added: “And then there were the others that were a little bit jealous that someone like Princess Diana would come down and, instead of going to the senior member of staff, she would look out for the friendly faces that she knew.”