Thursday August 18, 2022

Prince Andrew believed his nightmare Newsnight interview ‘had gone well’

Prince Andrew interview organiser recently made excruciating revelations

By Web Desk
July 02, 2022


Prince Andrew was reportedly under the impression that his nightmare Newsnight interview in 2019 went well.

Sam McAlister – who had organised the interview, recently made excruciating details of the prince’s interview in her book, Scoops: Behind The Scenes Of The BBC's Most Shocking Interviews.

As per the extract shared by Daily Mail, “I couldn't look at anyone. I could barely believe his people hadn't stopped the interview. I would have, despite the consequences.

"'How did you think it went?' I asked the equerry. She beamed. 'Wasn't he wonderful!' she said. I'd expected Amanda Thirsk to be distraught, the prince to look shaken or concerned, but she was smiling and he seemed ebullient,” she detailed.

"And then it hit me: he actually thought it had gone well. He was in such a good mood that he offered us all a tour of the palace. I couldn't go. I wouldn't have been able to speak to him in good faith. Of course, Emily couldn't decline. I don't know how she kept her composure,” McAlister added.