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Jennifer Aniston talks about her divorce with Brad Pitt on Ellen DeGeneres' show

Jennifer Aniston tells Ellen DeGeneres how she coped when 'Friends' ended after 10 seasons

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May 27, 2022

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Jennifer Aniston cracked joke about her divorce with Brad Pitt on her appearance at the final episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The Friends alum, who was the first guest on the show when it debuted in 2003, talked about her own experience when the comedy sitcom ended after 10 seasons.

"Oh, where does 19 years go?" said the 53-year-old star, adding, "I don't understand."

DeGeneres asked the actor how she coped with her comedy show ending after it aired for 10 years.

"Well, I got a divorce and went into therapy," Aniston joked. "Oh! And then I did a movie called The Break-Up. I just kinda leaned into the end.”

She added, “I just was like, 'You know what, guys? Let's make this a completely new chapter.”

“Let's end everything,” Ellen quipped to which Aniston stated, “Let's just end everything and then start new.”

“It worked out!” the talk show host noted with Aniston adding, “It worked great!”

Aniston and the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor got divorced in 2005 a year after Friends ended. The couple was married for 5 years before they separated.

The actor then married Justin Theroux in 2015 but they also parted ways two years later in 2017.