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Billie Eilish reveals new things about her life and career

Eilish says 'tons of people hate me so I'm not worried anymore'

By Web Desk
December 01, 2021

Singing sensation Billie Eilish has revealed new things about her life and career in the latest version of discussion.

The 19-year-old star, who has achieved excellence in music world with her unmatched singing skills in a very young age, said 'tons of people' hates her now, but she is 'not worried'. 

The award-winning musician, who participated in the fifth edition of Vanity Fair‘s annual ‘Same Interview’ Q&A, befittingly responded to the questions about pressure from haters, saying: "I feel a lot of pressure, but I would also say that back then [in the earlier years of her career], I was more loved," said the singer. "I was pretty overall loved, I would say, to be honest. I was scared because I wanted to keep that love."

"Now, like tons of people hate me so I'm not worried anymore," Eilish explained. "I'm like, ‘Oh, OK, well, if you like me, you like me, if you don’t, you don't.'"

The songstress admitted that she was "lying" during her previous answers, but did not elaborate on her feels about pressure at the time.

The Happier Than Ever musician added that she used to be "filled with these inspirational quotes" that she "didn't even agree with most of the time."

"Every time I see an interview from that period when I was 16, I'm like [blows raspberry]," she admitted. "Everything I said was so stupid. Not even stupid, it just was not what I was actually thinking."

Billie Eilish explained: "Literally the thing that I've been preaching about since I first started is wear what you want. Dress how you want, act how you want, talk how you want, be how you want. That's all I've ever said. It’s just being open to new things and not letting people ruin it for you."

Eilish also revealed that getting designer Oscar de la Renta to stop using fur is one of the highlights of her career so far.