Saturday December 04, 2021

‘Squid Game’ writer dishes over 067 Sae-byeok casting choice: ‘It had to be her’

‘Squid Game’ creator gets candid about why he decided to choose actor Jung Ho-yeon to play Sae-byeok

By Web Desk
November 25, 2021

The creator and writer for Squid Game recently weighed in on the real reason he decided to cast actor Jung Ho-yeon as player 067 Sae-byeok.

He got candid about it all while speaking to the international news outlet, Variety.

For those unversed, Squid Game was actor Jung Ho-yeon’s very first acting projects and she was rather hesitant to take up the role in the beginning.

But the show's creator had a lot of faith in her, right from the very beginning.

While reminiscing over one of their very first conversations he told the outlet, “I just knew it from the very beginning, from there first time I saw her in the video tape she was there, she was Sae-byeok.”

Because of this, “I kept telling her ‘Be yourself that’s just the thing you can do, be yourself. Don’t be afraid of it because you are Sae-byeok’.”

“So I mean, she was Sae-byeok from the very beginning,” and there was no doubt in the creator’s mind after that point.