Saturday December 03, 2022

Prince Harry ‘hoping for happy medium’ with Meghan Markle, Royal Family

Sources dub Prince Harry the peacekeeper who’s working for ‘happy medium’ with Meghan Markle and the Firm

By Web Desk
November 21, 2021

Insiders recently stepped in to shed some light on Prince Harry’s newfound role as peacekeeper between Meghan Markle and the Royal Family for “a happy medium."

The source told OK! Magazine, “Meghan once said she would never set foot in the U.K. again after how she was treated by The Firm.”

“And no one thinks she would let Archie or Lili out of her sight for even five minutes, so it’s likely Harry would make the trip alone.”

despite understanding Meghan’s decision, Prince Harry “is anxious to heal the [family] rift sooner rather than later and he wants his children to spend time with Her Majesty.”

Even though he is reluctant to spend the holidays away from his wife, the insider explains, “he knows how much his grandmother cherishes this time of year.”

Not only that, “He loves and misses William” and while “He doesn’t regret leaving [royal life] and settling in California, he’s hoping to find a happy medium where there’s no more tension or awkwardness.”