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Elton John reveals his career's last music tour is very emotional and joyous

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October 28, 2021
Elton John reveals his careers last music tour is very emotional and joyous

Music sensation Sir Elton John shared his thoughts on his final tour Farewell Yellow Brick Road, saying 'it's going to be very emotional and very joyous.'

The ongoing tour by the British musician that began in Allentown, Pennsylvania on 8 September 2018 would last in 2023. It is intended to be John's final tour and will consist of more than 300 concerts worldwide.

"I desperately want to get out there and play to people. Because I love doing that and I want to finish the tour in 2023 with a bang. And go out like that because I won't be touring after that. It's so it's important to finish what I started," John told radio presenter Fleur East.

The singer, during the lockdown, was busy creating his new album 'The Lockdown Sessions' which came out on 22nd October and features songs with artists like Stevie Wonder, Stevie Nicks and Brandi Carlile to name a few.

Elton, like many artists, had missed live shows and reflected on how he’s feeling about heading out for the last time: "It's going to be very emotional and very joyous. I loved going to live shows, you miss it, you miss you know going nuts. It's a way of letting off steam, and music is such a healer and it brings people together. So, I'm looking forward to it."

During the chat, Elton revealed: "I want them to have happy memories and talk about it to their kids and say, 'you know he really cared about us', because I do care about my fans and I've always given 150% if I can. I just want them to have a joyous time. And I want them to go back and maybe listen to some things they haven't heard before on my old catalogue."

Fleur asked him if this really was the last tour, and he said: "I can assure you it's the final tour, I will be doing some charity shows if I'm asked, but I'm not touring again. I'll be 76 when I finish, I need to be with my family."

Elton  went on to talk about what he will be doing after the tour ends and said: "Who knows? Life's full of surprises, I wasn't expecting to do a record this year and look what happened, so that's the great thing about life."