Sunday October 24, 2021

Prince Harry accused of giving Meghan Markle ‘rambunctious’ education on Firm

‘Jaded’ Prince Harry accused of giving Meghan Markle ‘rambunctious’ royal education

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October 07, 2021

Prince Harry has come under fire for having given Meghan Markle a ‘rambunctious’ education into the royal family due to his own jaded personality.

Royal expert Andrew Morton brought the claim to light while speaking to The Morning.

“As she said herself, she didn't read the tabloids, she didn't watch TMZ. She learnt what she learnt about the Royal Family from Harry.”

“Harry himself was quite jaded with the Royal Family even before this, so she's had a very rambunctious education into the royal world.”

“She has had members of the household give her advice, and she's a quick study, but even so. I think it takes many years for someone to accommodate themself into the Royal Family, and these two didn't give it very long at all.”