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Netflix film 'Atlas' to feature Jennifer Lopez

Netflix film 'Atlas' to feature Jennifer Lopez

By Web Desk
June 16, 2021
Netflix film Atlas to feature Jennifer Lopez

A couple of days after jennifer Lopez made headlines for rekindling romance with Ben Affleck, a report said  Netflix's upcoming sci-fi thriller Atlas would feature the singer.

The report came  days after her production deal with Netflix was announced.

"The film will follow Atlas, a woman who must go up against an AI soldier that believes the key to ending war is to end humanity," Deadline reported.

"In order to beat the rogue soldier, Atlas must then "work with the one thing she fears most - another AI," the outlet wrote.

Lopez and the Batman actor were recently pictured exchanging passionate kisses .

The pictures confirmed the rumors that they have rekindled a romance that dominated celebrity media almost 20 years ago.