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Prince Philip was greatly 'upset' over The Crown showing false interpretation

Prince Philip was not happy with the way the Netflix decided to show his story

By Web Desk
April 25, 2021

The Crown, which will film its fifth season, has rubbed the royals in the wrong way as Prince Philip, in particular, was “very upset” over his portrayal.

The Netflix show spoke about the late Duke of Edinburgh’s behaviour in school which ultimately cost his pregnant sister Cecile’s life in a 1937 plane crash.

According to royal author Hugo Vickers, the portrayal was “not true” and led him to be “very, very upset” by it.

“He was very upset about that, I know that for a fact," he said.

“Of course he would be about how his father was portrayed. Philip didn’t see it [the show] but he was told about it.

“Netflix know it’s not true, because Philip actually travelled out to the funeral with his father.

"There was no punch up, there was no half-term cancelled for him, his sister was always coming over anyway, it was nothing to do with him.

"It was the most horrible thing to happen in his life.

“I think the whole thing should be cancelled, but it’s not going to be. The whole thing’s just going to go ahead. They couldn’t care less."