Tuesday August 16, 2022

Prince Harry’s ‘demand’ for ex-girlfriend Chesly Davy that broke them up

Prince Harry had demanded ex Chelsy Davy to stay with him and not go to a charity ball

By Web Desk
March 23, 2021

Prince Harry and his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy may have parted ways years and years ago but their past relationship often becomes subject of discussion online.

Unearthed reports about the reason why Davy decided to call it quits with her relationship with the now Duke of Sussex was because of a demand that he had placed before her about not going to a charity ball that she was going to go to.

As per reports, this is what led to the pair parting ways. A source told The Telegraph that the Pearl Ball at Westbury hotel in London was raising money for the Ndoro Children’s Charities and the businesswoman had expressed her desire to attend it.

“It was a cause close to Chelsy’s heart and she knew some of the organisers personally. Harry had just finished his helicopter training course and was adamant that she should make time for him,” the insider said.

The charity’s operations manager Ronald Ndoro later said: “She dropped me a note saying she was sorry, but she had to go away. It was a surprise.”