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Prince Charles could spark republican rebellion when he becomes king

Biar expressed his qualms about the public not accepting Prince Charles as king

By Web Desk
January 26, 2021

Prince Charles may not be the most popular member of the British royal family but that certainly won’t affect his chances of inheriting the crown.

However, some are fearing that his succession might escalate the republican rebellion and put the monarchy in grave danger.

Sandy Biar, national director at Australian Republican Movement issued a warning to all Commonwealth nations including Australia about coming up with a decision in regards to their future head of state.

Speaking to Express, Biar expressed his qualms about the public not accepting Prince Charles as king which could, in turn, spark a republican rebellion.

"Australians deserve to have an Australian, chosen by Australians as the head of our nation. When Charles succeeds Queen Elizabeth II, Australians will get no say at all about him becoming the head of our country,” he said.

"Charles has been a divisive and controversial figure in Australia and the UK for quite some time, and his ascension will bring about an unprecedented period of instability and uncertainty for the monarchy,” he went on to say.

On the other hand, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliam warned that the succession of the crown isn’t based on popularity.

"In a hereditary monarchy the line of succession is clear. Charles will be the next king and nothing foreseeably will alter that. It is not a popularity contest,” he said while talking to Express.

"He will ascend the throne better prepared than any of his predecessors given his long wait as Prince of Wales. His work for charity, particularly his Trust which has helped over a million young people and his campaigning for the environment are remarkable,” added Fitzwilliam.