Monday January 17, 2022

Why Prince Charles stays mum on backlash about his marriage with Princess Diana

Prince Charles's affair with Camila, while he was married to Princess Diana, stained his repute for good

By Web Desk
January 02, 2021

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage was anything but fairytale-like as it came with a number of ups and downs.

The Prince of Wales’ affair with Camila Parker Bowles undoubtedly stained his repute for good after his late wife came forth to publicly talk about the heartaches she ended up with during their marriage.

And while the heir apparent continued to get bashed publicly far and wide for the way Diana was treated, he may never share his side of the story.

Howard Hodgson, who is an acquaintance of the future king, came forth following the release of Netflix's The Crown, that shed light on the former pair's story, said that he is quite used to the backlash.

Talking to Express, Hodgson said: “In this regard, Prince Charles has seen it all before — at the time of their separation, the princess’s death, and now this.”

He went on to say that no one should be waiting for Charles to recount his experiences in his marriage to the People’s Princess because “Charles has never been prepared to [tell his version of events] against the memory of his first wife.”