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BTS’s RM touches on his dilemma to hide away his ‘true image’ from fans

BTS’s RM touches on the dilemma he faces when thinking about possibly showcasing his ‘true image'

By Web Desk
December 30, 2020
BTS’s RM touches on his dilemma to hide away his ‘true image’ from fans

Like any other celebrity, BTS’s RM was forced to separate his personal life due to his professional obligations and due to this, he stumbled onto the biggest dilemma of his life.

The singer shed light on it all during Burn The Stage episode 6. There he was quoted saying, “Since debut, I’ve always emphasized that I just want to keep talking, person-to-person, and I fight all the time about this. Honestly, I am someone that thinks like this and has this kind of appearance, but am afraid that people won’t like it. I want to break this way of thinking.”

“Kim Nam Joon is someone who likes to see nature, walk around alone, meet up with friends for a drink, but I didn’t have enough time to be Kim Nam Joon. Physically.”

He added, “This is always so hard. When I put on makeup and stand in front of the camera, I wonder how honest I should be…this is my biggest dilemma that I am working on. It might be better for me to save my words and leaving a bit of space for people, but that just isn’t my style.”

“People always tell me that it’s the celebrity that gives the controversy and interpretation for people to talk about. If I were smart I would want to do it like that.”

He concluded by saying, “But I’m not someone who can and I think there are other people who can do that. I am someone who always wants to talk to people and tell them my problems and listen to others stories and use them to create music. Like this, I want to keep talking about something.”