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Saif Ali Khan gets an earful from Mukesh Khanna after his latest controversy

'Why not think before speaking,' Khanna asked Saif Ali Khan

By Web Desk
December 08, 2020
Saif Ali Khan gets an earful from Mukesh Khanna after his latest controversy 

Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan may have issued an apology over his latest remarks but that doesn’t seem to be enough for those irked with him.

Famed actor Mukesh Khanna is the one slamming the Tanhaji star this time as he expressed his anger at how Saif humanized the negative mythological character of Ravana in his upcoming film Adipurush.

Turning to his Instagram, Mukesh lambasted the actor and said: “Saif Ali Khan said in this interview that it would be very interesting for him to play the character of Lankesh Ravana in the film "Adi Purush", which is made on a budget. It depicts Ravana as not bad but human and entertaining.”

“We will make him kind. Sita Haran will be justified in it. Don't know why Saif feels that this is so easy. Lankesh is not a ball that you want to spin with a bat,” he said.

“Should I call it foolishness or foolishness! They do not know that they are playing with the faith of crores of Indians in the country. Or that they are aware yet still speaking deliberately,” he went on to say.

“Or should I call it the audacity of the director-producer who calls himself an intellectual, who still dares to make such films?” he added.

“Now the breaking news is that Saif has written a written apology for his statement. Wow! What's the matter !! The British have made a beautiful word say "sorry". Shoot the arrow, shoot the bomb, punch it and then say "sorry". But we do not approve. Why not think before speaking.[sic],” he said.