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India preparing for genocide of Muslims, warn experts

Global leaders urged to not only “indict and sanction” India, but to expose it so crimes against humanity can be stopped

By Web Desk
November 20, 2020
A Kashmiri Muslim man is detained by Indian police as devotees defy restrictions for a Muharram procession in Srinagar on August 28, 2020. — AFP/Files

India is preparing for a "genocide" of the 200 million Muslims in India, international experts on genocidal violence have warned.

The fears were voiced earlier this week during a panel discussion organised in Washington by the Indian American Muslim Council titled “Ten Stages of Genocide and India’s Muslims”.

The participants urged global leaders to act, not only “indict and sanction” the Indian government, but to expose it internationally so that crimes against humanity can be prevented.

Dr Gregory Stanton, the founder president of Genocide Watch, said: “Preparation for genocide is definitely under way in India.”

He said that persecution of Muslims in Assam and India-occupied Kashmir was a prelude to their massacre. “The next stage is extermination — that’s what we call genocide.”

Stanton said that the demolition of the Babri Masjid and the construction of a temple on top of it are a link in the same chain.

Speaking of the arrest of hundreds of Muslims by Delhi Police in recent riots and accusations of violence against police is the “denial” stage, the last before genocide.

Human rights activist from India, Teesta Setalvad, said that violence against Muslims further exacerbates their socio-economic conditions. “Lack of social and economic opportunities, constant fear and insecurity among the Indian Muslims which is generated through this abrasive exclusionary tactic of hate speech and othering, is something that could possibly fit in to the possible build-up of the genocidal situation,” said Setalvad.

Meanwhile, Dr. Qasim Rasool Ilyas, a veteran Muslim political activist, asked: “Can a country which claims to be the largest democracy, force its 14% of the population into suppression and submission and deny them their human and constitutional rights without inviting the wrath of the international community?”

Pakistan’s stance endorsed

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, in response to Stanton’s statement, on Friday said that it is an “endorsement of Pakistan's stance and viewpoint”, according to Radio Pakistan.

Qureshi said Pakistan has already expressed its concerns regarding the treatment of Muslims by India at various international forums.

The foreign minister said “the situation is further deteriorating” in India-occupied Kashmir, the national broadcaster said.

He said Pakistan has also presented “irrefutable evidence regarding Indian involvement” in acts of terrorism in Pakistan.