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Kate Middleton is feeling much more ‘relaxed’ following the lockdown

Kate Middleton is more relaxed and far more ‘accessible’ after spending the last few months in lockdown

By Web Desk
July 06, 2020
Kate Middleton is feeling much more ‘relaxed’ following the lockdown

With COVID-19 protocols easing in the UK, the time spent within Kensington Palace appears to have completely rejuvenated the Duchess of Cambridge.

Body language expert Judi spoke to Express.UK and explained how the more informal video conferencing has allowed Kate to drop some of her formalities when conversing with the public and in turn has made her appear not only more accessible but more relaxed as well.

Judi was quoted saying, "It's given Kate the perfect motivation to drop some of her more formal skills and reveal a much more relaxed and accessible side, and this has allowed some hidden strengths to emerge.

"Her body language has always been impeccable, but her lockdown skills of bridging the social distancing via a change in her facial expressions and gesticulations has probably made her the star of the royal video and roadshow."

Ever since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry officially split from the royal family, many fans have been speculating that everything has gotten too much for the Duchess to handle with close sources turning down the speculations.

During an interview with People, one inside source stated, "Certainly would resent someone saying that she is struggling. If anything, she is relishing the role more than ever. And she will do it all to the best of her ability."

Keeping in mind Kate’s relaxed body posture during the last few public meetings, Judi agrees, claiming, Not only have "Kate's active listening skills have also been notched up. These newly-used, post-lockdown skills seem to have had an interpersonal effect on Kate too, as she looks more relaxed than ever before in her solo roles. They have also subtly promoted her into the role of leader when she's working, but without making her look remote or inaccessible."