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Did Will Smith and his son Jaden die in a car crash?

FACT-CHECK: Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith have died in a car crash?

By Web Desk
December 08, 2019

Fans of  Will Smith  were left worried after a news article making the rounds on Facebook  falsely claimed that the Hollywood actor  and his son Jaden Smith have died in a car crash.

The article claimed that their car  collided with a truck, killing the "The Pursuit of Happiness" actor and his son.

The fake story was published by a website which used the CNN logo.  

The hoax story appeared on many Facebook  pages, redirecting the users to  the  website which  tries to appear as a legitimate  source of  information.

 “BREAKING: Will Smith and his Son Jaden Smith Died in a Crash after Truck and their Car Collided”,  read the headline of the fake story.

It instantly went viral on several social media platforms,  receiving  hundreds of shares.

Sources close to the actor confirmed that Will Smith and his son Jaden are alive and well.

While some Facebook users seemed to believe the story, most people on  Twitter remained unconvinced.

Smith, however, has yet to respond to the rumors.