Wednesday July 24, 2024

Report unveils concerning crime statistics in Karachi

CPLC report reveals no reports of "kidnapping for ransom" or "bank robbery/dacoity" during June

By Kashif Mushtaq
July 09, 2024
This representational image shows a gun held in an individuals hand. — Unsplash
This representational image shows a gun held in an individual's hand. — Unsplash

KARACHI: Sindh's Citizens Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) has released a report which revealed the alarming statistics of crime in Karachi during the month of June.

According to the report, a total of 5,288 crimes were reported in the port city during June, with 2,792 motorcycles stolen, 564 of which were snatched at gunpoint and only 196 were recovered by the police.

Additionally, 24 vehicles were snatched and 135 vehicles were stolen in different parts of the metropolis, only 80 vehicles successfully recovered.

Furthermore, in the case of mobile phone theft, 1,433 citizens fell victim to such crimes, with only 18 mobile phones recovered by authorities.

The CPLC report also revealed that six extortion cases were registered in Karachi in June alone and 40 people were killed due to violence in various areas of the city in the same month.

Fortunately, the report also revealed that there had been no reports of "kidnapping for ransom" or "bank robbery/dacoity".

The concerning statistics unveiled in the CPLC report for the month of June underscore the escalating state of street crime in Karachi, which is also the country's financial hub.

Despite as many as 6,000 criminals being transferred to Karachi Central Jail in the first five months of the ongoing year, the law and order situation in the metropolis continues to deteriorate with citizens being looted and killed by street criminals.

In May, President Asif Ali Zardari, while chairing a special meeting over the law and order situation in Sindh, directed Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah to launch a large-scale operation against street criminals in Karachi.