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Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman quip about possibility of 'Deadpool 8'

Ryan Reynolds also discussed a 'pride point’ during the conversation

By Web Desk
June 02, 2024
 Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman quip about possibility of 'Deadpool 8'

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman discussed the potential for an eighth Deadpool movie, linking it to the number of kids Reynolds has.

In the chat for People magazine, Reynolds joked to Jackman about the epic connection between his number of kids and Deadpool: "I had only one child in Deadpool 1 and I had two on Deadpool 2 but hopefully we don't do a Deadpool 8 because I don't want eight kids."

Moreover, the actor also shared that his kids "love being from Canada" and they tell people that they're half Canadian and half American.

On this, the Wolverine star commented on the Free Guy alum's kids' affiliation with the two countries: "It was a really important thing for us that we spent time in Australia...[and] they felt part Australian, and I'm really proud of that. I think if you ask them, they'll say, 'I'm Australian.' And they'll say, 'No, I'm American too, but I'm Australian.'"

He then asked, "How are you with the kids? Is that something for you?"

Reynolds, 47, replied saying: "My kids, they have Canadian passports as well, and they feel a real connection to that. It's a point of pride of theirs. They've also spent huge amounts of their formative years in Canada and particularly Vancouver."