Monday December 04, 2023

King Charles, Archie, Lilibet real victims in war between Harry and William

Prince William and Harry's strained relationship is being felt by their father King Charles

November 21, 2023
Prince Harry and Williams feud adding to their father King Charless worries
Prince Harry and William's feud adding to their father King Charles's worries

King Charles seems to be the real victim in ongoing feud between two royal brothers Prince William and Harry as they don't want to repair their fractured relationship.

The true cost of Harry and William's strained relationship is being felt by their father King Charles who may find it difficult to come out of the stress amid crisis within the family.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have also taken away the royal childhood of their children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, who may be missing their grandfather King Charles. 

The little ones can not even build their early relationship with their British cousins, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Some royal experts also believe that the Sussex children are far more likely to build their lives in America and in the world of celebrity rather than royalty because that'll be their world.

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There are speculations that King Charles want to celebrate this Christmas with Prince Harry, Meghan and their two children at Sandringham House along with other royals, after the Sussexes' phone call on the monarch's birthday.

However, royal experts believe Charles won't invite Harry and Meghan as it cause major disruption and upsetting William and Kate, who would refuse to attend if the Sussexes are invited.

King Charles is reportedly in great pain and suffering from his two sons' never-ending feud.