Saturday December 09, 2023

Prince Harry being discreetly 'erased' from Royal Family hierarchy

Prince William, Kate Middleton and King Charles are seemingly employing a subtle yet effective strategy to carry out the erasure

November 15, 2023

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Prince William and Kate Middleton didn’t shy away from publicly laying bare the extent of their resentment toward Prince Harry.

The Prince and Princess of Wales notably snubbed the former royal in their birthday post for King Charles on his silver jubilee milestone on Tuesday, Nov. 14.

The post featured three photos, one of which was of William and Charles having their arms around each other, and another of the King and Queen with Kate, William and their three kids from this year’s Trooping of Colour.

Writing for, royal author Daniela Elser insisted that Kensington Palace went out of their way to “find a shot of just the King and his heir, sans Harry.”

She also revealed that the King-in-waiting is “pulling no punches when it comes to making clear how he feels about his pesky sibling”.

With spontaneously evicting the duke from their Frogmore College residence in February, snubbing an invite to the royals' birthdays all year long, and tactfully failing to honor Harry during Invictus Games mention at Remembrance weekend last week, Elser pointed out the subtle yet effective strategy of the Royal Family to slowly "erase" the father of two from the hierarchy.

"With William and Kate’s Charles birthday post, they are making one thing abundantly clear," she shared. "The duke is gone and they are doing their best to make sure he’s being forgotten too."