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Kate Middleton held in 'high regard' all across Britain: 'She's supported here'

Kate Middleton garnered praise of Leeds' residents as she visited her former family estate earlier today

By Web Desk
September 26, 2023
Kate Middleton recently attended a royal engagement in Leeds
Kate Middleton recently attended a royal engagement in Leeds

Princess Kate has been praised for her latest attendance at the AW Hainsworth heritage textile mill in Leeds.

The Princess of Wales visited the mill, which was originally owned by her great-grandfather, Noel Middleton back in the ‘50s, on Tuesday, Sept. 26.

Residents around the industry gathered together to welcome the mom of three on her family’s former estate, extending appreciation for undertaking engagements in northern side of Britain.

"It's wonderful, to have her [Princess Kate] in our town, it's just marvelous,” expressed one Briton in a conversation with GB News. "All these people here have all come because of that because she's got the link to here and she's spending her time visiting us. It's lovely."

Another netizen enthused about the significance of Kate acknowledging Leeds as a part of England, saying, "I think it's very important that they are seen in places other than London and it is lovely to have her here.

"We often get left out and we shouldn't be,” she continued. "She's supported here. People think highly of her and throughout the country, not just London."

"Thank you for coming. Thank you for showing your face up north,” they gushed.